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pic2.jpgSecure, Unique, Reliable - Event Ticket Printing For Club Owners

    • Secure - Our tickets come with blacklight ink and foil patterns that protect you and your patrons from gatecrashers, underage drinkers and other problems of counterfeiting.


    • Unique - Each batch of customizable tickets comes with its own set of consecutive serial numbers, so your staff can quickly spot clever fakes and monitor attendance.


  • Reliable - does more than print and ship your order today. Our staff will call you if we notice any unusual activity like duplicate orders, a common sign of potential counterfeit activity.

Event ticket printing prices start at just $0.05

Custom ticket printing

How Does Event Ticket Printing Make Your Club More Secure?

Our event ticket printing products and services keep you from falling victim to the $250 billion counterfeit goods and services industry. Why should you care? Because forged or counterfeit tickets can hurt your bottom line, harm your brand, and endanger your customers.

Counterfeit tickets endanger your profits...

Forged tickets are more than just a lost sales opportunity. Each one directly affects your ability to profit from your hard work and organization. The truth is that every fake ticket accepted means less money to cover your security and cleanup staff, food, drinks, performance fees, and the tax man.

Injure your brand …

Every gatecrasher puts another dent in the reputation you’ve spent months, even years perfecting. Illegal ticket holders crowd smaller, controlled events, ruining the atmosphere. Unwelcome guests also increase the chances that your paying customers will be left standing outside, once you reach occupational capacity. Either way, your club looks really bad at the end of the night.

And endanger your customers …

Around 13 million youths consume about 14.5% of alcohol sold in the US every year. Of those, around 50,000 will cause traffic accidents. While counterfeit tickets do not equate to underage drinking, secure tickets add another level of protection for you and your customers. Strong event ticket printing and control practices make it far less likely that underage drinkers will be able to sneak by your staff, or attempt to drive home while drunk. Can Help... Today

Because we know how hard it is to secure your venue against unwanted gusts, all of our tickets come standard with black light ink and foil patterns that prove authenticity and make counterfeiting really, really hard. In fact, we’ll even send you a free hand-held black light to help you identify our tickets.

To add even more security and help you gauge attendance, each batch of our customizable tickets comes with unique, sequential numbering on the back. This means you can order a new color or image for each event, keeping the bad guys on their toes. It also means that you can track sales and attendance via unique ticket identification numbers.

And finally, because we know how hard the forgers work, our event ticket printing staff tracks every order, every design. If we see an unusual order on your account, or notice that someone else is ordering tickets identical to yours, we’ll call to verify the information.

And the best part is that, if you order your tickets today before 2pm, we’ll print and ship them today. Guaranteed. To get started, click here to use our online design tool.

If you’ve got your own original art and are ready to start, submit your custom event ticket design. Orders for completely custom, color tickets ship in 3 – 5 business days after proof approval.

Or, if you have any other questions, feel free to contact us now.